The latest very limited run custom-ordered Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N4 is this baby, the High Gloss Padauk Body N4 from Boogie Street. I’m not normally a fan of glossy wooden finishes on guitars – a little too coffee-table for my liking – but something about this has managed to break through my glossy wood finish filter. Dig those photos by Boogie Street’s Eric McKenna.

Boogie Street is commissioning several runs of these High Gloss Padauk N4s. Each run will be a numbered run of 7 guitars, and each run will be slightly different in hardware color and/or other subtle differences. They will all feature a high gloss Padauk N4 body and an oil finish padauk neck, plus Nuno’s specs including the Bill Lawrence Bridge humbucker and the Seymour Duncan ‘59 in the neck.

A factory hardshell case is included, as is a Nuno-signed extra blackplate, a Washburn/Boogie Street Guitars/Nuno dealer banner, and a 10 x 16 full colour certificate of authenticity, signed by Washburn USA Custom Shop director Terry Atkins, as well as by Eric McKenna from Boogie Street.

Hit up Boogie Street Guitars for more info.

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