Dean Guitars and guitar builder/designer Buddy Blaze have just announced yet another variation on the Dean ML theme. Blaze is the guy who customised Dimebag Darrell’s famous Dean From Hell. The Dean/Buddy Blaze ML has a pimped out chrome flame graphic, and features a top mounted Floyd Rose and custom wound Dean DMT pickups.

The guitar has custom ascending flame mother of pearl inlays on a 2 octave fretboard, attached to a pitched neck featuring Dean’s V carve. It’s interesting to note the bridge/middle/no-neck pickup configuration, something of a signature for Blaze, who is pictured on his website with a similar guitar, in the company of a very young and innocent looking Dimebag Darrell, back when he was known as Diamond Darrell.

Dean CEO Elliott Rubinson says “We have the highest regard for Buddy’s talents and after sitting down and discussing what we both envisioned for this guitar we realized that the new Dean/Blaze ML would incorporate the features that many players would find very appealing and a departure from what we are currently producing.”

Blaze says “My love for the Dean ML has endured over 25 years, the chance to create a signature model ML with Dean Guitars is a dream come true! After meeting with Elliott at Dean headquarters in Tampa earlier this year, I was impressed with his depth of guitar knowledge and his love of the ML. I asked that we do a complete design, not just a graphic, and he allowed me to reinvent my favourite Dean model! Modern era Dean guitars are 2nd to none in quality and value and I have no hesitation adding my name to this model. I insisted on top quality components and rigid adherence to my design elements. Elliott and the Dean team delivered! The Dean DMT pickups just scream tone!!!”