Alfred Publishing has released a new transcription book for Led Zeppelin’s Mothership greatest hits album, and the transcriptions themselves are brand new, unlike those that have been floating out there for years in books and magazines.

Alfred says the new Mothership folios are a vast improvement over the old style of songbook previously published, instead featuring all-new transcriptions and engravings of the songs in their original keys and with all the intricacies played by the band (even for the Piano/Vocal/Chords transcriptions, which are notoriously stuffy).

The ‘Authentic Guitar TAB’ version features 300 pages of note-for-note guitar TAB based on years of compiled documentation, videos, and interviews.

‘Led Zeppelin: Mothership, Piano/Vocal/Chords’ is a 200-page sheet music collection with all-new piano/vocal arrangements which faithfully render the studio recordings in their original keys, including essential keyboard parts, solos, and orchestrations, and accurate keyboard renditions of the guitar and bass parts.

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