NEWS: New Satriani Vox pedals in development

Joe Satriani is working on the next few pedals for his signature Vox range while on tour. Joe’s current live pedalboard includes the Time Machine delay and the Big Bad Wah. Reports from fans who have checked it out at shows say Joe is currently using the Time Machine for short delays. It appears to have a tap tempo switch in addition to the bypass switch. The exterior design of the pedal already looks like it’s ready for production. Could we be seeing this one at NAMM in January?

Less information is immediately apparent about the Big Bad Wah, which looks a little earlier along in the design phase. I’m sure this one will be very tweakable. The first time I interviewed Satch, in 2006, he went on for a good 5 minutes just about modding wah wah pedals on his own, so I’m sure that with the combined efforts of Satch and the Vox team, this wah will be loaded with tone shaping capabilities.

The photos were taken by Satriani fan David Johnson. David said, “I took them at the Satriani show in Edmonton. There were about 20 geeks straining to get pics, but I was lucky enough to have a stool to stand on so I got decent shots of his gear.” Great pics David!