NEWS: Megadeth DVD preview – ‘Tornado of Souls’

Check out this video from Megadeth’s forthcoming DVD, “Blood In The Water: Live In San Diego,” which aired last weekend as part of HDNet TV’s concert series. This clip features a performance of ‘Tornado of Souls,’ one of my favourite Megadeth songs and a good source of classic Mustaine rhythm chunk.

The DVD itself was filmed at a stop on the Gigantour festival. It’s the first official Megadeth release to feature new guitarist Chris Broderick (Jag Panzer, Nevermore), who replaced Glen Drover early this year. 
The coolest thing about this video is the introductory tapping solo by Broderick, on his totally bitchen Ibanez LA Custom Shop carved-top seven-string RG.

NEWS: Paul Gilbert VIP experience

Kudos to the wonderful Random Chatter Music blog for contacting me about this. Paul Gilbert is offering a VIP ticket package for his European tour.

Jenn from Random Chatter says, “Note that a very few VIP opportunities have become available in select cities. It’s a one-hour guitar lesson with Paul + attend soundcheck + a bunch of goodies. (pick, laminate pass, t-shirt, cd, dvd, all items can be signed, etc)If you are looking for some guitar teaching from Paul, and you regret not getting a VIP at the first pass — grab them NOW because they WILL sell out fast. Some VIP’s have reported that the lesson lasts as long as an hour and a half (no guarantees, but it could happen) — and NOBODY has said that Paul failed to answer their questions, or was not helpful, etc.: everyone has said these lessons far exceed their expectations — so it’s really more then you bargain for! Read the reviews here and take the time to talk to these attendees – you will not regret this folks. In lieu of publishing the list of available tickets here, here I have provided the link: that way you will always stay current with the official info.”

Click here for a review posted on Random Chatter Music for two VIP sessions, with lots of technical detail for guitar geeks like me.

The following is from Paul’s site as of time of writing. Make sure you check back there often for the latest details and availability.
VIP TICKETS are now available for my European tour!

A VIP TICKET includes:

* A one-hour guitar lesson with me 
* VIP access to watch soundcheck 
* An official tour laminate pass
* A new Paul Gilbert T-shirt, CD, instructional DVD, and guitar pick
* And of course, a ticket to the show!

Only 6 VIP tickets will be offered for each show, so reserve yours soon!

The VIP TICKET price is 130 GBP or 160 EUROS. *

Reserve yours now by writing to:

Please include:

* Your name 
* The city and date where you will attend the show
* The number of VIP tickets you wish to purchase
* Your contact e-mail address

I hope to see you soon to teach you my newest guitar ideas!

Thank you,


P.S. It is fine to bring your guitar and a small audio recorder to the guitar lesson. If you have any other questions about the VIP tickets. Please write to:

Here are the European tour dates, and VIP ticket availability as of time of writing. Please note that ‘SOLD OUT’ refers to the VIP package only, not the actual gig, so even if you miss out on a VIP ticket, you can still get a ticket for the show. 

EUROPEAN TOUR 2008: (Remaining shows)

1 – Porto, Portugal / Cinema Batalha  (SOLD OUT) 
2 – Lisbon, Portugal / Music Box (SOLD OUT) —venue changed—
3 – Off
4 – Bilbao, Spain / Santana 17  (SOLD OUT)
5 – Aizoain, Spain / Artsaia
6 – Bordeaux, France / BT 59  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
7 – Lyon, France / Ninkasi Kao  (SOLD OUT)
8 – Prattein, Switzerland / Z-7  (SOLD OUT)
9 – Nancy, France / L-Autre  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
10 – Off
11 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg / Den Atelier  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
12 – Paris, France / Le Trabendo  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
13 – Lille, France / Le Splendid  (SOLD OUT)
14 – London, England / Astoria 2   (SOLD OUT)
15 – Dudley, England / JB’s  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
16 – Manchester, England / Academy 4  (SOLD OUT)
17 – Off
18 – Leeds, England / Rios   (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
19 – Newcastle, England / Carling Academy  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
20 – Glasgow, Scotland / Stereo  (SOLD OUT)
21 – Belfast, Northern Ireland / Spring & Airbrake  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
22 – Dublin, Ireland / Button Factory (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
23 – Bristol, England / Bierkeller  (1 ticket left! Reserve now!)
24 – Southhampton, England / Brook  (SOLD OUT)
25 – Brighton, England / Concorde 2   (SOLD OUT)

CLICK HERE to buy Paul Gilbert & Freddie Nelson’s new CD, ‘United States,’ from and CLICK HERE to read my review of the album.

NEWS: New Rusty Cooley DVDs

Rusty Cooley has just released a pair of instructional DVDs through Rock House. I’ll put them on my ‘to do’ list of stuff to buy and review, but in the meantime, here’s the press release:

Rock House announced the release of two instructional DVDs featuring Rusty Cooley, one of the most popular and technically proficient guitar players of this generation. The new products titled Fretboard Autopsy Level 1 & level 2 has Rusty teaching his unique approach to fretboard visualization through shapes, patterns and years of model knowledge. In Level 1 Rusty shows students how the modes are covered across the neck, 5 and 6 string root modal patterns, extended and split patterns, single and double string techniques and more, In Level 2 Rusty unlocks the road map that gives guitar players the freedom to improvise over the entire fretboard without being locked into positions. Learn 4, 5 & 6 string root modes, extended patterns spanning the neck, 3 octave modes, reverse linear patterns and modal sequences. Rusty shows you how to create modal chord progressions for each of the 7 modes and more.

Rusty was named one of the Top 20 Most Blazin’ Shredders of all time by Total Guitar Magazine and his Shred Guitar Manifesto has been sited as having influenced John Petrucci and Mark Tremonti. “Rusty Cooley is certainly at the fore front of pushing the boundaries of modern guitar playing.” Said Joe Palombo, Executive Director of Rock House.

Each DVD comes with iPod ready video, a booklet with each lesson tabbed out and membership to Rock House’s lesson support site at This feature, exclusive to Rock House and its partners, offers students supplementary support for the lessons featured on the DVDs. Once registered, students can interact with the community, utilize the additional learning tools and access the special features such as:

The Ear Trainer
Download Tabbed Sheet Music
Post Original Compositions
Ask the Teacher Questions
Quizzes to Track Progress
Sheet Music in Tab Format
Student Message Boards
Backing Tracks to Play Over