NEWS: Cool Ibanez 540P fan designs

Check out this cool image by forum member Cosmitron. These are Cosmitron’s ideas for a revival of the Ibanez 540P model, favoured by Testament’s Alex Skolnick in the early 90s.

An actual Ibanez prototype for a P-series revival was produced by Tak Hosono of the LA Custom Shop in 2006 (check out the photo here), but it was more of an RG-like take with a neck-through body and a more standard control layout. Ibanez didn’t approve it, so the guitar was never put into production. 

The guitars in Cosmitron’s image are a lot more like the original P-series models than the 2006 Ibanez protype, with some modern touches like the Edge Zero trem and new ‘lazer’ inlays.
What do you think of these designs? I especially like the green one, with that cool pistachio colour offset by the neon green pickups and controls.