NEWS: Ibanez forum changes address

The Ibanez user forum recently changed its address to without much fanfare, so make sure you update your bookmarks. Members on a few other forums I visit thought the Ibanez forum was down but nope, turns out they just changed the address, and it’s still accessible through the ‘Forum’ link on the main page of the Ibanez website.

NEWS: Cool Ibanez 540P fan designs

Check out this cool image by forum member Cosmitron. These are Cosmitron’s ideas for a revival of the Ibanez 540P model, favoured by Testament’s Alex Skolnick in the early 90s.

An actual Ibanez prototype for a P-series revival was produced by Tak Hosono of the LA Custom Shop in 2006 (check out the photo here), but it was more of an RG-like take with a neck-through body and a more standard control layout. Ibanez didn’t approve it, so the guitar was never put into production. 

The guitars in Cosmitron’s image are a lot more like the original P-series models than the 2006 Ibanez protype, with some modern touches like the Edge Zero trem and new ‘lazer’ inlays.
What do you think of these designs? I especially like the green one, with that cool pistachio colour offset by the neon green pickups and controls.