NEWS: Megadeth DVD preview – ‘Tornado of Souls’

Check out this video from Megadeth’s forthcoming DVD, “Blood In The Water: Live In San Diego,” which aired last weekend as part of HDNet TV’s concert series. This clip features a performance of ‘Tornado of Souls,’ one of my favourite Megadeth songs and a good source of classic Mustaine rhythm chunk.

The DVD itself was filmed at a stop on the Gigantour festival. It’s the first official Megadeth release to feature new guitarist Chris Broderick (Jag Panzer, Nevermore), who replaced Glen Drover early this year. 
The coolest thing about this video is the introductory tapping solo by Broderick, on his totally bitchen Ibanez LA Custom Shop carved-top seven-string RG.

3 Replies to “NEWS: Megadeth DVD preview – ‘Tornado of Souls’”

  1. Not sure about the intro personally, I think it may be the live sound is a bit compressed or something but it sounds a bit messy. I’ve seen a youtube video of Chris doing this kind of thing before which was jaw dropping, well I’m never going to be able to do it so why am I arguing!

    The solo is perfect, think I need to practice a little more…

  2. Peter,

    Awesome post and awesome video. Megadeth is another great band and the more I hear and see, the more I like.

  3. Wow, I’d have to say that Chris is a beast. I think Megadeth sounds really good right now. Aside form all the drama that usually surrounds the members, this line up is playing well.

    Makes me want to play metal, I wonder if I could talk my rock band into getting heavier…Probably not, th eother guitarist is always telling me how he wants a Nuno/Van Halen/Gilbert rock sound on his guitar and “Not a MEtal Sound at all!” Which if you ask me is confusing.

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