NEWS: More Mustaine Marshall signature amp news

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine has just returned from the UK, where he attended the Music Live event, and while there he took a tour of the Marshall factory. He’s been dropping hints about a possible Marshall signature amp for about a month or so, and today on the Megadeth forums (membership required to read), he said: 

And we’ll be devising ways on how to get you as involved as possible with hearing our new stuff or coming to the studio or even being able to do crazy stuff like possibly win one of my special hand-made Marshall custom cabs or (maybe even a new one?), or one of my elite weapons – the VMNT! guitar by Dean – or who knows what?

…which is all very exciting, but then he added this:

I was able to go the Marshall Amplification factory and do something with Paul Marshall, and with the blessing of the guv’nor himself (Dr. Jim), and the qualified help of John, Graham, Danny, Luke, Mick, Mark, Steve, Steve, and anyone else that I unfortunately did not list here (you are in my heart and I am better for having met and knowing you), we have finally finished what I imagine is going to be a very respected project, and this is a first for Marshall. This is not a ‘just’ a signature on one of their already famous and fabulous existing product lines, or something cosmetic. This is . . . well, I can’t tell you just yet. But you will see, know, hear, and soon you will be able to experience it’s incredible capabilities for yourself.

So waddaya think about this? Although Dave says it won’t be just a rehash of an existing model, I wonder if it’ll be based on the JVM but tweaked for Dave’s needs? Or maybe it’ll be a new version of the classic JMP-1 preamp? That would certainly steal some of the thunder from the forthcoming ADA MP-3.