NEWS: New song – ‘Travels In Hyperreality’

I just finished recording a new song tonight, and I figured, what’s the fun of having a blog if I don’t put my own stuff on it from time to time? I named this song ‘Travels In Hyperreality’ after the collection of essays by Umberto Eco, one of my favourite authors. The drums aren’t finished and the recording is pretty raw but perhaps some day I’ll record it with a real live drummer in a proper studio, instead of here in my loungeroom. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks! You can download it at my myspace,

    I recorded it in Pro Tools using a stock 2005 Ibanez UV777BK 7-string for all the guitar parts, using IK Multimedia’s Amplitube 2 amp sim on the standard Marshall JCM900 model. For the bass part I mixed together the JCM800 model and the stock Amplitube bass preamp. Then I used IK’s T-Tracks mastering suite for EQ on each of the guitars and the bass, to take off some of the harsh edge of the Amplitube tones.

  2. Damn, Peter that is some great playing! I really like this track, you should do a youtube video using the backing track! I really should write some new music soon, maybe this was just the inspirational kick in the butt I needed :)

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Thanks Dimitar! I programmed the drums as MIDI in Pro Tools using Toontrack Drumkit from Hell Superior for the drum sounds, and I used IK Multimedia’s T-Racks for EQ and compression. I used separate presets for the snare, kickdrum and toms, then a little limiting across the whole drum mix to make it all sit together.

  4. I know it’s late but, dang Peter you can play. Will you put out an album soon. I think you’re better than a lot of the other jemsite guys that have “CDs” and so on.

  5. Thanks! I have a bunch of songs in various stages of completion, but every time I complete a new song it makes me realise I should have done something differently on the other songs. I’d love to have a CD out by the end of next year.

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