For quite a while I’ve felt that Godin guitars are one of the best kept secrets in the guitar world. It seems they’ve always been in music stores, but with the exception of John McLaughlin and Steve Stevens, you never really see them in the hands of too many players.

I think that might change in 2009 with the expansion of the company’s Redline range. Previously only available as a fixed bridge model with a single EMG 81 humbucker in the form of the Redline 1, the line will be beefed up with three new models, the Redline 2, 3 and HB.

The Redline 2 features a super fast 24-fret rock maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, silver leaf maple body and 2 active EMG humbuckers (neck: EMG-85 / bridge: EMG-81).

The Redline 3 is also loaded with active EMG humbuckers and is available with a maple or rosewood 22-fret fingerboard and a Floyd Rose tremolo bridge.

The Redline HB fmodel eatures a rock maple neck with 22-fret rosewood fingerboard and Godin design GHN-1 and GHB-1 humbuckers.

All of these models will be available in various colours and flame tops.

Visually, the Redline series kinda reminds me of ESP’s Jon Donais (Shadows Fall) models, and that’s good news for players who like the general vibe of Donais’ ESPs, but don’t want to play a signature guitar, and might want the option of a Floyd Rose.