NAMM 2009: Steve Vai prepares new Ibanez Jem for 2009

In a news posting on his website, Steve Vai has revealed that there will be a new Ibanez Jem in 2009, and it’ll be a little different from previous offerings (and no, this picture isn’t it, but I’ll explain that in a second).

The post mainly focuses on a DVD shot during his String Theories tour of last year. In the posting, Vai says of the DVD,

“I don’t know when it’s going to come out, but I’m hoping April or May. A few other things in the works are a new Legacy II amp. Just did the photo shoot today. I don’t want to blow any of the surprises so I’ll make sure when it’s announced you’ll know about it. And yup, a new Jem. This is different than all the other Jems in that it’s a h— t—. Now you don’t want me to give it up, do you? Both of these exquisite little dynamos will be announced and shown at NAMM. I will be there on the 16th and 17th at the Carvin and Ibanez booths. Not sure which one on which day though.”
What does Vai mean by ‘h— t—“? I guess the most obvious answer is ‘hard tail.’ Could he finally be foresaking his beloved whammy bar? Never. But he’s been known to use hard tail guitars in the past. The photo at the top of this post is not the new Jem, but it’s a prototype from back when Steve was testing various woods and pickups for what eventually became the Jem7VWH. This protype is on eBay at the time of writing, and it surfaced for sale a couple of years ago too. (If you notice anybody using this photo on a messageboard or something, and claiming it’s the new Jem, feel free to correct them and link to my blog, hehe).

Check out the rest of the post here, because Vai also talks about his next album, his recent master classes, and the possibility of doing a master class tour of the US.

5 Replies to “NAMM 2009: Steve Vai prepares new Ibanez Jem for 2009”

  1. Yeah, if you can’t make horsie and racecar noises, you really shouldn’t be calling it a Jem.

    However, I would like to get my hands on a JS6 one day. I was way into the rhythm tones on Satch’s ‘The Extremist’ back in the day.

  2. to peter,
    yeah the JS6 is pretty nice but for 1599…i think you can do better. and on the other note in oct i saw satch live…he didnt touch the js6. he was using the EDGE bridge left right and center.

    but anyways, a jem isn’t a jem with out a trem on it…it just isnt. i think it should be at least $600+ cheaper from the other jem’s with the trem.

  3. ya know.. have u noticed there’s a JS1600 hard tail ?. So Vai probably is coming out with one ! and you’re right.. a bunch of people will be turned off by it unless its got some cool paint job on it etc ..

    satriani has about 7 guitar models now and vai only has 3 well plus his acoustic..

    if they made those a little more affordable i’d be on a JS or JEM like a fat kid on choc cake !

  4. hard tails blow! look, with all respect S—-V– hard tails were “in” like 5 years ago man!! we’re all, like, over the bs now. and most of us want locking tuning, ergo – taadaa (shh.. i mean t–d–) there is a handy invention called a TREMEL-NO! shhhhh!! T—–N-! use one, it makes an edge lo pro bridge useful on a 7 string.

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