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Vigier is preparing to release their first ever single cutaway electric guitar. It obviously seems to be very much Les Paul-inspired, with that general outline and pair of humbuckers, but check out what appears to be a stylish-as-heck carve on the bass side (it could just be a trick of the light and I’ll be on the lookout for a proper photo for confirmation), and an aggressively pointy treble side cutaway.

Over to you, press release (I always feel like Jason Lee saying ‘NOW, Silent Bob’ in Mallrats when I say that).

Vigier introduces its first single cut electric guitar

Vigier has introduced a new addition its family-the very first Vigier single-cutaway electric guitar. This elite baby will deliver the hottest sounds of all guitars in Vigier’s product line. The single-cut body design reflects a combination of modernism and tradition, which is exactly what this new Vigier model is about.

Like all Vigier instruments, the new single-cut guitar features a wood neck reinforced by a carbon-fiber bar that utilizes the company’s exclusive 10/90 system (10% carbon fiber/90% wood). The guitar is equipped with the new Vigier nut made of Teflon, which dramatically reduces friction at the nut, where most tuning problems typically occur. With a carbon-fiber reinforced neck and the new Teflon nut, overall tuning is greatly improved and the instrument itself is extremely reliable.

This sharp-looking babe has a solid alder body with a beautiful flamed maple top.

The bridge and tailpiece are Vigier’s original design and include a unique feature that makes it possible to lock any pieces of the bridge in place once the setup is done. This useful attribute guarantees an improvement in tone, greater sustain, as well as better tuning. The new single-cut model is equipped with a pair of humbuckers, a 5-way pickup selector switch for a variety of sounds, volume and tone controls.

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