NEWS: Dave Mustaine auctions signature Line 6 amp

Remember a few years ago when Dave Mustaine was working with Line 6 on a signature amp? It never panned out but Dave had a few prototypes on the road, one of which is now up for sale at Megadeth’s official eBay store.

You can see or bid on the amp HERE.

According to the listing…

Here is an auction many of you have been waiting for. This auction is for a Line 6 half stack used by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Both the cabinet and amp have been autographed by Dave in silver Sharpie. The amp is a model designed and made specifically for Dave, but was not mass produced. The Mustaine amp has the same power amp section as the HD147, a two DSP chips, a main processor, and 4 amp models (a Line 6 clean, a Dave signature heavy tone, a modified vision of the Dave signature heavy tone, and a Plexi tone). The cabinet is a 4 x 12 including a custom grill and metal handles.

This item was used extensively by Dave during the recording of “The System has Failed” and the subsequent tour. Megadeth’s tenth studio album,”The System has Failed”, was critically hailed as a brilliant return to form which Revolver described in a four-star review as “Megadeth’s most vengeful, poignant and musically complex offering since 1992’s Countdown To Extinction”. In creating this album Mustaine has taken all the greatest elements of successive Megadeth line ups, mixed them together and reinvigorated the sound with an injection of fresh Mustaine venom. The album debuted at #18 on U.S. Billboard charts.

This set up is a must-have for the guitar playing Droogie. IT IS LOUD! There are some wear marks on the equipment as it has been used and transported. Don’t miss out on this one..Good luck winning this awesome item Droogies.

This item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) signed by Dave Mustaine.

All items are signed with black sharpie. If you have any questions, please email.

I dunno if Line 6 amps will some day attain the same level of vintage fervour currently reserved for 60s Marshalls, but if that day comes, this one would be a pretty unique addition to some future, 50-years-from-now Line 6 collector. Line 6 aren’t exactly known for making custom amps, so this is pretty unique.

It would be interesting to plug into this amp and compare it to whatever Dave is about to release with Marshall at NAMM in a few weeks…