NEWS: New EVH Wolfgang in Guitar World

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Eddie Van Halen and journalist Chris Gill discuss the new Fender-made EVH Wolfgang guitar on the CD-ROM included with the February issue of Guitar World.

In the interview, Eddie describes the Wolfgang as “a culmination of my 35 years of experimenting with guitars. Everything that I’ve destroyed, stumbled onto, learned and experienced in my journey to get to where we are now is in this guitar. And there is a lot more to come.”

He adds, “A guitar is a very personal extension of the person playing it. You have to be emotionally and spiritually connected to your instrument. I’m very brutal on my instruments, but not all the time. I’m not to the point where I’m like Pete Townshend and smashing the shit out of it after a gig. I wouldn’t do that to an instrument that is a part of me. I don’t need to do this for financial reasons. I could have just stayed at home and built this guitar for myself. I do this because a lot of people ask if they can get what I use. Well, yes you can and what you get is identical to what I use.”

The issue comes out on December 16, and there is a preview of the CD-ROM at Guitar World’s YouTube channel.

The new incarnation of the Wolfgang (which was previously built by Peavey) isn’t the only new gear Eddie’s releasing at the moment. The new Dunlop EVH Wah has just hit the streets too, and if you’re like me and you went nutso over Eddie’s wah sound on the For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge album, you’ll dig this pedal. Aside from replicating the mods done to Eddie’s own Crybaby, it has a specially designed pot which mimics the wear and tear of the one in his original pedal.

4 Replies to “NEWS: New EVH Wolfgang in Guitar World”

  1. The guitar is the culmination of 35 years… and there’s a lot more to come…

    A lot more what? 35 year cycles? Destroying and stumbling into things?

    I’m sorry. I love EVH, but that just struck me funny. Oh, to be immortal.

  2. It’d be great if EVH destroyed and stumbled his way into inventing a lower price tag, cos I’m sure these will be mega-expensive.

  3. Why does he keep releasing the same guitar? I don’t know the specs but it looks identical (if not shittier – look at that lame head stock) to the Music Man and Peavey predecessors to it… Talk about jumping from one endorsement to the next…

  4. This is incredible why is everyone making fun of a guitar god the best of all leads and you all know it. Just buy the fender guitar and try it!
    It is so awesome and the guitar is made in the US and I know that for a fact.
    The Peavey that you all have good Luck to all of you they are all good. the peavey is US made also, Just as long as you don't have something made in China or Korea. Right?

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