NEWS: Satch sues Coldplay

Joe Satriani is suing Coldplay due to the similarity between his song ‘If I Could Fly’ from the ‘Is There Love In Space?’ album, and Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida.’ Read the whole article here, but the following is an excerpt:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Rock guitarist Joe Satriani has sued British band Coldplay, accusing the Grammy-nominated stars of plagiarizing one of his songs.

Satriani’s copyright infringement suit, filed on Thursday in Los Angeles federal court, claims the Coldplay song “Viva La Vida” incorporates “substantial original portions” of his 2004 instrumental “If I Could Fly.”

The 52-year-old guitar virtuoso is seeking a jury trial, damages and “any and all profits” attributable to the alleged copyright infringement.

I’m often skeptical when claims like this come up (remember when someone claimed Metallica stole the Enter Sandman riff?) but just this week Gary Moore was sued over ‘Still Got The Blues’ even though the song he was alleged to have copied was not even available on record when he did his song. And while there are a million blues-rock songs that sound like each other (not to mention the dozen or so I-V-VI-IV songs released each week), this isn’t the most conventional chord progression or most likely melody and phrasing to stumble across.

So what do you think? Honest coincidence? Dishonest copycatting? Or did someone from Coldplay hear the Satch song, and later on the same melody and chords filtered into their own songwriting subconsciously?