On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Two Guitar Gloves
And Andy Partridge from XTC

The Guitar Glove by Shredies was designed to keep the guitar’s neck feeling dry, smooth, consistent and fast.

The designer of the Guitar Glove (who doesn’t seem to give his own name on his website), says:
I’ll never forget the beautiful fall day at the Southern California beach where I made the ill fated decision to climb the deserted lifeguard tower to better enjoy the spectacular view.

Upon my descent I slipped and fell. In grabbing the hand rail, I sliced open my entire left palm on a sharp weld. The deep jagged wound fortunately didn’t compromise any nerves or tendons.

I knew the 24 stitches I received wouldn’t interfere with my ability to practice medicine but how was I going to play our gig Friday night?

The swollen and tender wound did compromise my ability to move my left hand up and down the neck precisely and efficiently. I knew I couldn’t play like that, but I knew the show must go on.

So I traced out my hand on an old T shirt, grabbed some scissors, and an old sewing machine and made one of the ugliest fingerless gloves you’ve ever seen. But it worked great. In fact, I realized that my hand movement was more smooth and efficient than playing with my bare hand before the injury. My hand actually felt liberated from the friction normally there between my palm and the guitar neck.

Aside from being a practical tool, especially for those who need to travel up and down the neck pretty rapidly, they also look wicked cool if you’re in a goth band or something like that.
I’m sure you could glue some studs onto them or something, if you need them to look more brutal. They remind me of the fingerless gloves everyone wore in the 80s.