NEWS: Eno & Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies on Twitter

Many years ago I read about David Bowie using Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies’ concept during the recording of 1.Outside
(probably still my favourite Bowie album). The system consists of a stack of cards with sentences designed to randomly provoke a creative response.

Now Twitter users can sign up to recieve a different oblique strategy every hour. Recent examples include:

First work alone, then work in unusual pairs.

Pay attention to distractions

How would someone else do it?

Left channel, right channel, centre channel

Look at the order in which you do things

The fifth physical incarnation of Oblique Strategies is now available from Brian Eno’s webshop.

I Heart Guitar is on Twitter too. I’ve set up a feed to automatically publish headlines and links from the blog, and I also use it for the same random jottings most other Twitter members use theirs for.

NAMM 2009: 20th Anniversary Ibanez Paul Gilbert model

Moderator Jay from the Ibanez forum has posting this very interesting little tidbit about NAMM 2009:

As many of you have figured out by now, we will be releasing the new PGM401 as Paul Gilbert’s Signature Model for 2009. It’s a beautiful Ash body with black F holes (graphic) and a fixed bridge. You’ve seen the pictures from our sister distributors around the world. A great addition to Paul’s rich history of Signature PGM’s for sure!

For 2009, we will be celebrating a milestone in our relationship with one of the greatest guitarists of all time. 20 years of PGM goodness. And in keeping with Ibanez tradition, the 20-year mark earns this great musician a 20th Anniversary model.

Can anyone guess what it might be?

Ok, I’ll give you some hints…

– It has the letters “RE” in the model number.
– It has two distinct, vibrant colors.
– Does not have a reverse headstock.

See if you can guess the model…


Jay later added that it’s not the rumoured Fireman models – besides, those don’t have vibrant colours and it’s unlikely that the hint about the two letters was a reference to the RE in Fireman. He later went on to say ‘think reissue’ – so is Ibanez going to reissue the original PGM100 or PGM200?

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Official Bootleg Tokyo 2

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