NAMM 2009: ProTone Rusty Cooley overdrive

ProTone Pedals have expanded their relationship with Dean endorser and unstoppable shredding machine Rusty Cooley to include a new signature overdrive pedal.

Rusty recently helped the company out during the prototype phase of their Jason Becker Perpetual Burn distortion pedal. I haven’t played one yet but I hear from those who have that it’s freaking amazing.

Here’s the press release:

World renowned guitarist & instructor Rusty Cooley and cutting edge guitar effects manufacturer Pro Tone Pedals join forces to create an overdrive pedal designed to operate under the highest of gain situations.

Rusty is a frequent columnist in all of the major guitar magazines and is consistently named one of the top shredders of all time. Rusty continues to build a rabid following of tomorrow’s shredders with his wildly successful instructional DVDs, his progressive metal band Outworld, and instrumental solo CD. The all analog design offers a smooth overdrive and huge volume boost along with treble and bass controls to add brawn and flexibility to your tone shaping possibilities.

Rusty will be demoing his signature pedal at the Pro Tone Pedals booth at this years NAMM show. For a schedule of appearance times visit ProTone Pedals online or

Release date: January 15, 2009

List Price: $249

For more information, visit their web site at

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NAMM 2009: N-Tune Artist Series

A few months ago I reviewed a Legacy Diamond model guitar for Mixdown Magazine, and it came with a very cool feature I hadn’t seen before: an N-Tune on-board chromatic tuner built into one of the volume pots.

This is such a great idea that I can’t believe it’s not standard equipment on most guitars. However, for any players who find the display a little hard to see because their picking hand gets in the way, N-Tune has introduced the Artist Series (endorsed by Ben Bridwell and Band of Horses), which takes the same basic technology and places it within a toggle switch instead. That keeps it much more within your eyeline when tuning, and you don’t have to keep lifting up your hand to check it when making minute adjustments.

Here’s their press release.

Zero Crossing Inc, makers of the innovative N-Tune on-board chromatic guitar and bass tuner, is proud to announce the addition of a special “Artist Series” Edition onboard tuner into its aftermarket product line. This model, previously only available to professional artists and through direct sales to manufacturers, will now be available to the general public through authorized retail outlets.

The new “Artist Series” on-board tuner offers a highly accurate, low profile design, which fits perfectly around a standard three-way toggle switch (rather than beneath the volume or tone knob, like the regular N-Tune models). The kit includes both black and creme colored tuning rings, a specially designed 3-way toggle switch, and a 500k potentiometer that can be easily installed with standard soldering tools. The “Artist Series” onboard tuner retails for $100.00.

N-Tune has chosen lead singer/guitarist Ben Bridwell of the group “Band of Horses”, as its first featured artist. “The N-Tune tuner is amazing!” said Bridwell. “I can easily get back in tune mid-song if something gets knocked out of tune on stage during a performance. It puts tuning convenience at my fingertips anytime, anywhere. I am thrilled to be working with N-Tune as its introductory artist to launch this terrific product.”

We are thrilled to have Ben as the first artist to represent our new Artist Series version of N-Tune,” explained Zero Crossing Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Philip C. Sudore. “Ben’s guitar playing is very unique and innovative.”

For more about Ben Bridwell and Band of Horses, go to:

For more information, visit their web site at

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NAMM 2009: Waves GTR Solo free for 1 year

This is pretty cool. Waves Audio is offering the GTR Solo amp and pedal simulation program as a free download with a 1-year license, and not only do you get amp models from Fender, Marshall, Vox and more, there are also models designed in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith.

This is a pretty bold move by Waves and I can’t wait to download it and crank it up. I use a different program for amp simulation at the moment and I’ve been itching to try out Waves, after hearing great things about it from a sound engineer a little while ago.

I’ll try to do a review with some sound clips some time soon, but I’ll probably be pretty snowed under with NAMM coverage for the next week, so why don’t you head over to and try it for yourself?

Here’s the press release:

— Complimentary guitar modeling software features ultra-realistic amps,
cabinets, and stomp effects —

WINTER NAMM SHOW, ANAHEIM, CA, January 15, 2009 — Waves Audio announces that its GTR Solo software is now available as a free downloadable one-year license. Featuring 10 precision-modeled amps, 13 stomp effects and 10 cabinets, GTR Solo delivers the GTR family’s studio-quality sounds in an intuitive, attractive software package. Consisting of both standalone application and DAW plug-in components, GTR Solo requires no additional hardware. Guitarists and bassists can simply plug their instruments into their computer, dial up one of GTR Solo’s hundreds of included presets and experience the unmistakable sound and excitement of real amps and effects.

GTR Solo features amp models from Fender, Marshall, VOX and more, created using revolutionary sampling techniques that go way beyond standard modeling. These virtual amps do not merely approximate the sounds of the original gear; they recreate every last nuance. Ten amps are included in total: Clean, Sweet, Edgy, Drive, Overdrive, Crunch, Shredder and SolidState Bass Amp, as well as PRS Scorch and PRS Crush, which were created in association with world famous guitar manufacturer Paul Reed Smith.

GTR Solo’s 13 stomp effects let users created a massive variety of sonic textures: OverDrive, Distortion, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Wah Wah, Spring, Pitcher, Vibrolo, GateComp, EQ and Volume.

Finally, the package includes 10 cabinet models that render the aural sensation of real speakers moving air: 12″ Open Back, 2×12″ Closed Back, 2×12″ Open Back, 4×10″ Open Back, 4×12″ Standard, 4×12″ Vintage, Acme12″ Custom, Bass 8×10″ Pro, Acme 4×12” Vintage Gibson Skylark and Acme 8” Open Back Hiwatt.

GTR Solo is now available as a free download. Please visit for download and more information.

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