NEWS: Ernie And The Automatics CD for preorder

I’ve just been cranking some online samples of Low Expectations, the new album by Ernie And The Automatics, due early February on Open E records, the same label who released Extreme’s brilliant Saudades De Rock last year. The samples sound very cool, with some great guitar playing and a very solid rhythm section.

CLICK HERE to preorder the CD direct from the band’s website.

NAMM 2009: Racer X live video

One of the highlights for many at NAMM this year was the performance by Paul Gilbert as part of Ibanez’s celebration of his 20 years as an endorser. Paul’s old band, Racer X, played a bunch of songs, and here is ‘Frenzy.’ Enjoy!

I found this clip on, but you can see a whole bunch of great Paul Gilbert videos on this page of the Random Chatter Music blog

NEWS: First Chickenfoot music!

QUICK! Head over to this site right now (okay, finish reading this story first, then head over) to hear the first music from Chickenfoot, the supergroup featuring Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, Chad Smith and Mike Anthony. 

The music sounds quite live: Satch on the left, Mike on the right, sorta like the David Lee Roth era of Van Halen, now that I come to think of it. 
Oh and by the way, it appears they’ve decided to stick with the name Chickenfoot. Sammy mentioned in an interview recently that Chickenfoot was supposed to be a temporary name, but so many people knew about it that they may as well stick with it.

SPARKLY GUITAR WEEK: Day 4 – Tony DeLacugo sparkles

Artist Tony DeLacugo has some amazing work on his website. check out his amazing sparkle paint jobs here, and look at available guitars here.

On his website, DeLacugo says “This all started when an old friend sent me his ’69 Tele to have painted. Once I had the genuine body in my hands I decided to build patterns from it and and creat a new line. Most of my new T bodies are made from alder and some have been mildly chambered. Occasionally I make one out of Mahogany. The neck pocket is a standard 2-3/16 wide at the base has been pre-fit with a ’69 tele neck, so Tele replacement type necks with a standard 2-3/16 heel should work fine. All routes and holes are complete except pickguard and control plate.”

Bookmark this page and CLICK HERE from time to time to see when he is selling painted bodies. Tony tells me he’ll be selling more on eBay in a day or two. 

Speaking of sparkly guitars, check out this Carvin DC747 7-string on eBay. At the time of writing there are 13 hours to go on the auction, with no bids. Specs include: Alder Body, neck thru, ebony fretboard 24 frets, gold hardware, abalone block inlays, stock pickups, 6100 fretwire, locking tuners. I’ve never seen a Carvin with this finish before. WANT! If anyone who reads this site happens to buy it, let us all know what it’s like!