NAMM 2009: gig-fx ‘better than true bypass’ technology

Midway through last year, the Australian Dollar started kickin’ ass. It was up to about 98 UC cents at one point. So I did what any self-respecting guitarist would do: bought a whole bunch of pedals online. Hehe. In researching what to buy, I stumbled upon the debate between true bypass and buffered switching, and while that’s for another article and another time, I mention it here because gig-fx has introduced another option, which they call ‘Better than True Bypass,’ in new updates of its Megawah and Chopper pedals.

Here’s the press release:

gig-fx inc. has released second generation versions of the Megawah and Chopper that feature ‘Better than True Bypass’ circuitry. The technology will be incorporated into all gig-fx pedals in the future.

Unlike True Bypass, there is no loud pop when the pedal circuits are engaged. gig-fx pedals use optical switching and are noiselessly by-passed when the pedal is all the way back. The bypass circuitry preserves signal harmonics better than a True Bypass by driving cable lengths at the optimum impedance value with open frequency response circuitry. In comparison, True Bypass pedals are audibly less transparent with losses of high frequencies into instrument cables, even expensive cables. Spectrum Analyzer test results of the gig-fx bypass v True Bypass are to be published on the company’s web site and provide definitive results. The tests were performed with cooperation from Dimarzio.

For more information, visit their web site at