Check out Rich Harris’s awesome NAMM coverage at Ibanez Rules. Rich is a legend among Ibanez geeks such as myself. Here are a few interesting new 7-strings from his site, but be sure to go to to see the rest.

SR7 bass/guitar hybrid

Rich says: “My pick for the coolest new instrument at the show, Ibanez continues it’s innovation into multi string instruments but introducing a Bass/Guitar Hybrid 7 string based on the SoundGear platform. It’s tuned to standard 6 string bass tuning B E A D G C but adds a high E, you can see how easily this can be changed to normal 7 string guitar tuning. It’s 30″ scale and narrower string spacing means you can play it like a guitar, or a bass.”

This is a Prestige series instrument made in Japan. List price is $2133.32 including case. Rich has ordered some of these, so hit up his site if you’re interested.


Didn’t see this one coming! Rich says: “Basswood body with flamed maple top [I’m guessing veneer at this price point], 7 string, 5 piece maple/walnut Wizard II – 7 neck, jumbo frets on a bound rosewood board, basswood body, fixed 7 bridge, AH1-7 neck and AH2-7 bridge pickups.” Made in Indonesia, list price is $666.65. Case is the M100C at $159.99.

Photos by Rich Harris, but hosted by me so I don’t eat up his bandwidth.