NAMM 2009: Ibanez Paul Gilbert Fireman.

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The venerable Rich Harris from Ibanez Rules has confirmed in a posting on Jemsite that the much-rumoured Ibanez Fireman (reverse Iceman, geddit?) Paul Gilbert model will be released in extremely limited quantities, and it ain’t going to be cheap at $9,333.33.

Rich said: “There will be 50 Fireman’s total. 45 SSS for World distribution, 18 to HUSA, and 5 in HH for Japan distribution only, probably by lottery the way they usually do.

The 20th (the PGM100RE) is very reasonable at $2,666, but limited to 300 Worldwide, 120 to HUSA, so tough getting allocations.”

Free plug for Rich: I’ve bought a bunch of parts from Ibanez Rules over the years, and while I’ve never bought a guitar from him, his setups are legendary.

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  1. This is all marketing. The only reason they brought this fireman to NAMM and put a $9,000 price tag on it was so they could put it next to the new Gilbert reissue and have the marketing bullet point to recite that the Gilbert reissue, at nearly $3,000, was “reasonably” priced. C’mon people.

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