NAMM 2009: Ibanez reissues Paul Gilbert PGM100

Ibanez has confirmed the re-release of the Paul Gilbert PGM100, and has launched a mini site celebrating Paul’s 20 years with the company.

The mini site has very informative comments from Paul about each of the PGM models over the years, including the less often-seen models based on the Iceman (PGM600) and Talman (PGM900), and of course his violin-shaped model, the PGM700.

Of the PGM100 reissue, Paul says:

Give or take a few months, it is the 20th anniversary of the Ibanez PGM100 guitar. Whenever I think of this guitar I think of Mr. Big. That was the band that I was in when I first started playing the guitar. I always remember my first Japan tour, taking this guitar on stage, and arguably doing some of the best guitar playing I’ve done in my life. A lesser known record that I did with the guitar is “A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix”, which was kind of an accidental gig that I did in Germany. I wasn’t supposed to play any Hendrix songs. I was just supposed to do a jam, and the main artist got sick. So I was saddled with doing the whole night. I did all those Hendrix songs with this guitar, and it’s some of my most fiery and shreddiest playing that I’ve ever done. The PGM100 accompanied me on that amazing gig as well. So, to me, it’s a very important guitar from some of my best musical times.

Over the years, I’ve continued to play the guitar. I used it for a lot of the later Racer X albums, because the sound was so good, so easy to play. It’s great for playing fast and getting good sustained notes. I’m looking forward to the reissue, because I want to get back into some whammy licks. I know it’s got a great locking tremolo on it. For the kind of 80s Racer X style, that’s a great addition to my sonic palette to have that whammy bar available. So that’s gonna be a lot of fun. It’s an amazing color, the combination of the blue and the pink f-holes. It’s instantly recognizable. Enjoy it! It’s back! The PGM100 by Ibanez. Rock and roll. I will, too.