Matt from Matt’s Music will be posting realtime photo and video updates from NAMM in Anaheim this week.

In a posting on Jemsite, Matt said “I will be posting pics and video in real time from the NAMM Show beginning at 10:30 this Thursday morning. More pics than video, but all the instruments, rockstars, parties and more will be available for your viewing pleasure. If you see something you need more info on or want to buy, you can email me at or call and text me at 617-281-1074”

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I’m giving Matt a free plug cos I’ve bought a few things from him over the years, including an Ibanez RG550MXX Roadflare Red, and recently some pickups (which reminds me, I’ve gotta chase him up about a green Dimarzio single coil cover for my custom Ibanez Herc Fede swirl…).