More details have emerged on about Dean’s new Dimebag amp, designed with Dime’s guitar tech, Grady Champion.

Here are some excerpts.

Commented Dean Guitars CEO Elliott Rubinson: “We’ve been wanting to do an amp that replicates Dime’s tone for many, many years. I met Grady about a year or two ago, and Grady was Dime’s guitar tech for 13 years — all through the PANTERA years, all through the time that Dime developed his sound. The key is, he had the ears — he probably knew Dime’s sound better than Dime knew it, because he dialed it in every night. So we found the engineer who designed Dime’s original amplifier 13 years ago, brought him out of retirement, had him build us an amp, had Grady come over. Grady listened to it, and with a couple of tweaks, I think this thing is just dead nuts on, it’s Dime’s sound.”

Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) on the Dean Dime amps:

100W Head – List $530.00 / MAP $349.99
412 Cabs (straight or slant) – List $530.00 / MAP $349.99
100W Combo – List $780.00 / MAP $499.99

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