NAMM 2009: New Ibanez Jem saves planet

So it seems there’s more to the now infamous VAI/Earth graphic that adorns the new Ibanez JEM7EAFXBK than originally thought.

The display accompanying the guitar at NAMM reads:

The newest member of the JEM family of Steve Vai signature guitars is the first JEM to feature a fixed bridge, which alone makes it a modern guitar milestone. But as Steve Vai’s own global graphic design on the body indicates, the JEM7EAFXBK is the first of Ibanez’s World Wood Program dedicated to increased utilisation of sustainable hardwoods in guitar making. Basswood is used in the body not only because of its tone, light weight and ability to work well with effects, but also because basswood has long been recognised by progressive guitar makers as a sustainable hardwood with a fast growing cycle. The maple used in making the neck is verified as a sustainable wood by the United States Forestry Service and the Indiana DNR Division of forestry.

Ibanez and its artists and designers believe that the use of renewable resources in musical instruments is a necessary and important contribution to the livable world.

As Steve Vai himself says, “This guitar will give you wood forever.”

Photo courtesey of Rich Harris’ Ibanez Rules. CLICK HERE to buy a JEM7EAFXBK from Rich.