Ever played a RainSong acoustic? I tried a few at the Frankston Guitar Festival a few years ago (whatever happened to that festival anyway?) and I was way impressed by their tonal liveliness and playability.

RainSong is releasing two new models with an N2 adjustable truss rod (accessible through the headstock) which allows the neck relief to be tailored to individual playing preferences. The reason for including an adjustable truss rod at all in these uncorruptably stable carbon graphite guitars is purely for playability, since they won’t warp or twist at all like a wooden neck would.

Here’s the press release:

RainSong Graphite Guitars, the premier builder of Carbon/Graphite acoustic guitars, is excited to introduce the Concert Series and the Black Ice Series. The introductory products in both these lines feature the new N2 adjustable neck.

Black Ice Series The Black Ice Series embodies artistry. The soundboard on each guitar is meticulously crafted using various carbon weaves to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance without overbuilding it. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind instrument. Each soundboard is individually conceived so every guitar is unique. Unique in design and unique in tone.

The Black Ice Series debuts with BI-WS1000N2, a 6-string deep body cutaway model, new N2 neck and Fishman Prefix Plus T electronics. Suggested retail price $3,295.

Concert Series The Concert Series is all about warm tone. These are the lightest soundboards built by RainSong. Also, the unidirectional carbon fiber of the soundboard mimics the tight grain of spruce. Thus, it is not surprising that this line produces a warmer tone.

The Concert Series debuts with CO-WS1000N2, a 6-string deep body cutaway model, new N2 neck and Fishman Prefix Plus T electronics. Suggested retail price $3,295.

N2 Neck The new N2 neck is a result of an extensive long-term collaboration with the renowned artist Steve Miller and master luthier John Bolin. The neck design is based on a modified “U” profile that has been popular in guitars since the 1950s. While the N2 has a more substantial feel than the original RainSong 6-string neck, it is ergonomically sound and actually results in better transfer of string vibrational energy to the soundboard. The N2 features a truss rod that is accessible from the headstock. Graphite does not warp or bow with changes in humidity and temperature. The purpose of a truss rod in the N2 is to allow customization of the fingerboard relief to individual preferences.

For more information, visit their web site at www.rainsong.com.