NAMM 2009: Peavey 3120

Peavey have come a long way from the days when they were (wrongly) percieved as ‘just’ a practice amp company. High profile endorsements with Eddie Van Halen (his 5150 amp lives on as the 6505 and 6505+) and, more recently, Joe Satriani have really boosted Peavey’s bragging rights, and the new 3120 amp looks like a great alternative for those who are interested in the mutli-channel capabilities of the Peavey XXX range, but need something a bit more versatile and less metal.

Here’s the press release:

Peavey announces the debut of the new Peavey 3120 high-gain guitar amplifier head, a versatile three-channel amp with 120 watts of power and a trio of distinct voices capable of producing guitar tones from crisp and clean to total high-gain saturation.

The Peavey 3120 gives rock guitar players a triple-threat tone onslaught with generous amounts of gain, 120 watts of power and three fully independent channels of all-tube, tone-shaping satisfaction. The Lead and Rhythm channels feature gain and volume controls and an active three-band EQ, while the Clean channel offers nicely rounded tones crafted by a passive three-band EQ and volume control. A global master volume governs the amount of power put out by its four EL34 or 6L6GC power-amp tubes, while the gain controls on the Lead and Rhythm channels adjust the amount of 12AX7 gain saturation.

The 3120 rear panel hosts a unique Peavey custom tone control feature, a three-setting damping switch that alters speaker resonance to create tight, medium and loose tones, from a precise punch for rhythmic attack to a full, widely resonant sound. Also on the rear panel is a footswitchable effects loop with dedicated send and return controls and a line out with level control.

The Peavey 3120 guitar amplifier will be available in Q1 2009 from authorized Peavey retailers.

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