NAMM 2009: Vox Night Train

Recording guitarists and bedroom jammers alike have long known the glories of cranking the bejesus out of a low-watt valve amp. Evidently Vox knows this too, because this year they’re introducing the NT15H Night Train amp head, designed to capture that Vox sonic mojo without getting you evicted.

No only that: It also looks like a toaster.

Here’s the press release:

VOX Amplification has joined forces with legendary amp designer Tony Bruno to introduce the NT15H “Night Train,” a 15-Watt, all-tube guitar amplifier head offering both classic and new VOX tones in a compact, portable design. A collaboration between the VOX R&D team and Bruno, this all-tube head weighs less than 17 pounds and boasts an “armored box” design for stunning all-tube tone on the go.

A pair of EL84 tubes deliver 15 Watts of power, as two 12AX7 tubes drive the harmonically rich preamp stage to deliver clarity and definition, from chime-like cleans to warm overdrives. A toggle switch lets users select between Pentode or Triode tube operation. In Pentode mode, Night Train delivers a full 15 Watts. In the Triode mode, the power is cut to 7.5 Watts. The Triode mode also relaxes the tube power stage, providing a smoother, mellower tube character.

The Night Train’s appearance is as striking as its tone, with a mirrored chrome finish and signature VOX diamond design that not only ventilates the amplifier but provides a striking view of the all-tube circuit within. The front panel controls are clear and simple, offering traditional chicken head pointer knobs for Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass. The preamp section features a mode switch, offering both Bright and Thick options. The Bright mode produces an articulate tone that ranges from clean to crunch; the Thick setting bypasses the tone circuit to boost the gain and create a chunkier, heavier sound suited to higher gain applications. Legendary guitar amp builder Tony Bruno played an integral role in the voicing of this new amp.

Equipped with both 8-Ohm and 16-Ohm speaker jacks, the Night Train can be used with nearly any speaker cabinet.

The VOX NT15H “Night Train” 15-Watt Amplifier Head will be available in January 2009, with a U.S. MSRP of $800.00.

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