NAMM 2009: What were your favourites?

I’m sure there will still be a few NAMM 2009 press releases filtering through for the next week or so (I’ll be adding a bunch of new stories tonight), but now that the bulk of NAMM news is in, what are your personal highlights from this year’s new gear?

If you wanna refresh your memory, you can see all my NAMM coverage by clicking THIS LINK.

Here are the things I’m most stoked about:

Peavey 3120
Mesa Boogie Mark 5
Carvin Legacy II

Ibanez Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger
Eventide Pitch Factor
Vox Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah
New RJM switchers

ESP James Hetfield Iron Cross
Ibanez RG1527M maple-fretboard 7-string
Ibanez PGM100 reissue
EVH Wolfgang

By the way, anybody else notice that there was no big Dave Mustaine/Marshall announcement? Dave’s been talking for months about a new signature Marshall product, and there are various rumours that it’s either a variant of the JVM series head, a rackmountable JVM preamp, or even a new MIDI tube preamp to fill the gap left by the discontinued JMP-1. I’ve contacted Dave to see if he can shed any light on the story, and I’ll report back if I hear from him.