NEWS: Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein humbucker available for preorder

Whoa! I just spotted this over at the Van Halen News Desk. Released on March 1 is the EVH Frankenstein humbucker. Recommended retail price is $199.99. There’s also a relic’ed, Eddie Van Halen-autographed version (see below) for $399 which, while expensive, is pretty freakin’ cool!

CLICK HERE to buy the EVH Frankenstein Relic Humbucker LTD (Signed) Standard for $399 from Music123.

CLICK HERE to buy the EVH Frankenstein Humbucker Standard for $149 from Music123.

Or if you’re feeling particularly saucy, why not CLICK HERE to splash out $25,000 for the EVH Frankenstein guitar?

A page on the Van Halen Store says:

EVH Frankenstein Relic Humbucker LTD (Signed) StandardThe legendary humbucking pickup from the guitar that changed everything.

Think of it as a brand-new version of the original Frankenstein’s battle-worn pickup, wound to the exact original specs and built to fit in any humbucking-pickup-equipped guitar. One of the most famous humbuckers of all time is now available at a competitive price and serves as a great upgrade and alternative to the popular crop of cliché replacement humbuckers.

This is awesome news. Who hasn’t wished they could leach some of that famous Van Halen I tonal magic? I think I might just have to get one of these and chuck it into the Ibanez RG370 I wrote about in my guest blog on Jemsite.