NEWS: Eno & Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies on Twitter

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Many years ago I read about David Bowie using Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies’ concept during the recording of 1.Outside
(probably still my favourite Bowie album). The system consists of a stack of cards with sentences designed to randomly provoke a creative response.

Now Twitter users can sign up to recieve a different oblique strategy every hour. Recent examples include:

First work alone, then work in unusual pairs.

Pay attention to distractions

How would someone else do it?

Left channel, right channel, centre channel

Look at the order in which you do things

The fifth physical incarnation of Oblique Strategies is now available from Brian Eno’s webshop.

I Heart Guitar is on Twitter too. I’ve set up a feed to automatically publish headlines and links from the blog, and I also use it for the same random jottings most other Twitter members use theirs for.

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  1. As you have noticed I have finally set up a Twitter account although it won’t let me change my profile picture it keeps saying that Twitter is overloaded?! Ah well…

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