SPARKLY GUITAR WEEK: Day 6 – Les Paul Custom Shop Blue Sparkle

I have a love/hate relationship with Les Pauls. They sound cool, they look cool, but sometimes the neck pitch throws me off a bit and my left wrist gets a little sore. Having said that, I’ve got to meet a lot of great Les Pauls over the years and the wrist thing is certainly something I’ll work through if I ever get totally rich and buy a stable of Les Pauls. And most of them will probably be sparkly.

There are a few Custom Shop Blue Sparkles out there. The one pictured here is being sold on eBay by Vintage Vault
I’ve been browsing on eBay just now, daydreaming about sparkly Les Pauls. There’s a gorgeous multi-colour sparkle Les Paul here, a blue/silver sparkle here, and a sparkle cherryburst here that has to be seen to be believed.
Epiphone also gets in on the sparkle action with this limited edition purple sparkle, and this gold sparkle.
Or if you’re not into the Gibson thang, there’s a Burny silver sparkle with three pickups here.
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