REVIEW: EVH Wolfgang

Jemsite member Anthony5150 has provided I Heart Guitar with the following review and photos of his brand new EVH Wolfgang. Take it away Anthony.

I’ll start with the fit and finish. The body is basically the same shape as the older version, if not exact. The neck still has a roundish feel like the older one, but scaled down. It’s not really chunky and I wouldn’t consider it really thin either. It falls right in the middle. To me, its a perfect balance. The more I play it, the more I like it. Kind of like an old glove. The stainless steel frets are much smaller the 6105’s. They felt a little weird at first but they are growing one me, and I’m really starting to like them. The action was the best I’ve ever felt on any guitar. I have had professional level and setups and this one is right there on par, probably better. I can’t believe how close the strings are to the board, especially on the higher frets. There is a slight buzz in some areas, but no fretting out or loss of tone anywhere. I have never seen anything like it that was playable.

The knobs on this thing are on top of low friction pots, so they move really easily. This is something I could have done without, as the slightest brush of the volume knob with your pinky is gonna move it. I can see how they would come in handy but I have never played using the volume swell technique used in eddies “Cathedral”. But maybe now is a good time to learn :) The trem springs were a little loose when I received it, as the bridge was lifting with big bends. A few cranks on the screws solved that problem. Other than that the actual finish of this thing is superb: I couldn’t find any flaws whatsoever.

The sound of this thing is just amazing. Compared to what I thought was perfect in the older version, the new one made me realize I really don’t know what perfect is. This thing is a different sound all together. It’s much brighter. I think this is what really puts the sound over the top. It has a nice full sound to it and the separation is unbelievable: every note stand out on its and comes through nice and clear. At first I was having problems getting tapped harmonics to ring loud and clear, but after a day or two I got used to it and that’s not an issue. I will definitely buy another one of these in the future when the price comes down a bit, and probably trade my older one in for it.

This thing is awesome. Eddie and fender really got it right.

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DOUBLE NECK GUITAR WEEK – Day 6: Ernie Ball Music Man Van Halen custom

I remember buying Van Halen’s Live: Right Here Right Now on double cassette the day it came out. A little while later it was released on video, and I begged and pleaded until I got it for my birthday (a much more successful birthday wish than my 10-year-old self’s need for Def Leppard’s Hysteria). 

Of course, one of my favourite moments on the video was the performance of the song ‘Spanked’ (one of the greatest odes to whackin’ it to adult phone lines ever). On the studio version, Eddie used a 6-string bass (the kind that’s basically an extra-low guitar, rather than an actual bass), as well as a regular 6-string guitar (sometimes with an eBow). To replicate this song live, Eddie had Ernie Ball/Music Man build him a few doublenecks based on his signature model.
Of course, the EBMM Edward Van Halen model is long since discontinued but it lives on in the form of their Axis model. 

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