DOUBLE NECK GUITAR WEEK – Day 7: Paul Gilbert’s ‘Get Out Of My Yard’ Ibanez PGM

Perhaps one of the coolest double-necks in recent years is the crazy two-necked beast used on the opening track of Paul Gilbert’s ‘Get Out Of My Yard’ album. The bottom neck has only 3 strings, each tuned to E.¬†You can see Paul using this guitar in this clip below. Check out his innovative human capo. The dude should patent this idea quick.

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Stuff you may have missed on I Heart Guitar

Well, February’s already upon us so it’s time to look back at last month and see what were the big stories in January.

Of course, NAMM was pretty huge and you can see I Heart Guitar’s NAMM coverage here.

Here are some other stories from the last month-and-a-bit:


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My Roger Mayer Mongoose X pedal demo


Jeff Beck in Melbourne, Australia.

Lynch Mob, Melbourne, Australia.