NEWS: Liquid Trio Experiment 2 – When The Keyboard Breaks

Liquid Tension Experiment, the Dream Theater side project which led to the full-time hiring of the band’s keyboard player Jordan Rudess, is releasing a new CD entitled Liquid Trio Experiment 2 – When The Keyboard Breaks: Live In Chicago.

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Here’s the press release.

2009 will see Ytsejam Records branch out with releases by select DREAM THEATER side projects on their new Lazy Tomato Entertainment label.

Coming this spring will be the long awaited live CD and DVD releases by LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT.

But to whet your appetite until those titles are ready to go, the label will launch Ytsejam’s side-project offspring with the release of the LIQUID TRIO EXPERIMENT 2 “When The Keyboard Breaks: Live In Chicago” CD.

This is the infamous “jamarathon” which took place at LTE’s June 25, 2008 show in Chicago when Jordan Rudess’ keyboard broke down. Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci and Tony Levin proceeded to play and improvise almost one hour of insane musical madness to a stunned audience.

This was an unbelievably unique evening that can now be shared for those not fortunate enough to have been in attendance that very special night.

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The first Liquid Trio Experiment album, Spontaneous Combustion, was a collaboration between Rudess, Portnoy and Levin which was recorded in 1998 when Petrucci had to skip out on recording sessions cos his wife went into labour. So the new CD is like a spin-off of a side project of a spin off of Dream Theater. 

My brain hurts.

NEWS: New book on Paul Bigsby

Let me preface this by saying Twitter is such a great way of disseminating information. I’ve seen this one tweeted and retweeted by several users in the past day or so. CLICK HERE for the Shadrick Guitar Blog’s article about guitarists on Twitter.

So, on to the news. The Story Of Paul Bigsby – Father Of The Modern Electric Guitar is a new book about one of the coolest, most daring guitar designers ever. No, I’m not talking about Young Einstein. As a Bigsby vibrato fan I’ve simply got to get my hands on this book. When I do I’ll post a review.

The Story of Paul Bigsby
Father of the Modern Electric Solidbody Guitar
Written by Andy Babiuk – Available February 2009

“The history of the solidbody electric guitar has been documented many times, and important early innovators include George Beauchamp, Adolph Rickenbacker, Doc Kauffman, Lloyd Loar, and Paul Tutmarc. It’s widely accepted that Les Paul and Leo Fender were responsible for sparking the electric guitar revolution and making invaluable contributions. However, their work might not have been possible without the man who had designed and built the first modern solidbody electric guitar.”

“That man was Paul Adelbert Bigsby. He made the first modern solidbody electric for musician Merle Travis, completing the instrument in May 1948. Nothing like it had been seen before. Every electric guitarist today should be grateful that Paul Bisgby did what he did back then. He changed the look and sound of the guitar forever.”

This untold story of Paul Bigsby is documented for the first time and will also tell how Bigsby, using his engineering mind and problem-solving skills, designed and developed a revolutinary guitar vibrato that is still considered by many as the best type ever built-the Bigsby True Vibrato.

Book features include:
Deluxe, well-illustrated coffee table book with over 300 color and black-and-white photos
Many unpublished photos of over 50 actual Bigsby instrument photos
An audio CD of Paul Bigsby himself, recorded in the late 1950s, telling stories about his business

A special, deluxe collector’s edition features a black leather cover and clamshell slipcase.
Pre-Order your Collector’s Edition now at!
(Ships in February 2009)

NEWS: Bruce Kulick Australian clinic tour

Just saw this one on

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has scheduled the following in-store appearances/clinics in Australia in conjunction with Allans Music.

April 01 – Melbourne – 7 p.m. (soundcheck 5 p.m.)
April 02 – Brisbane – 6:30 p.m. (soundcheck 4:30 p.m.)
April 03 – Adelaide – 7 p.m. (soundcheck 5 p.m.)
April 04 – Sydney – 5 p.m. (soundcheck 3 p.m.)

Kulick has been back in the studio working on his next solo CD, tentatively titled “BK3”. The album will feature guest appearances by a number of acclaimed rock and heavy metal musicians, including TOTO’s Steve Lukather, John Corabi (MÖTLEY CRÜE, UNION, RATT, ESP), Gene Simmons (KISS) and Tobias Sammet (EDGUY, AVANTASIA).

Cool! I haven’t been to a Kulick clinic before, but I hear they’re quite worthwhile, even for non-guitarists who are just going because he was in KISS.

NEWS: Satch demos new JSX 50 amp

Check out this cool video at MusicRadar of Joe Satriani demoing his new JSX 50 amp. The videos’ a little goofy and is a perfect example of how Satch gets ‘in-the-zone’ when talking about gear-related matters. 

This is the amp Satch mentioned when I interviewed him last year: 

Peter: One song I really enjoyed was ‘Come On Baby.’ It reminded me a lot of your self-titled album, that kind of open, almost dry guitar sound. Are we hearing single coils on that song?

Satriani: It’s funny you should ask that because I’ve done a lot of interviews and no-one really asked me about that particular technical aspect, but I was just using my usual JS1000 with the coil split feature, just lifting up the tone control. You can hear me shifting pickups during the solo. I swear, you can even hear the switch as I go between, not only the single coil, but I’ve also got the high pass filter engaged by lifting up the volume control. So I’m playing with starving the amplifier, which is set up to give me a ‘classic rock’ level of gain, but I’m starving it of information. I’m using the single coil, which lowers the output and gives it a less midrangy sound, and by using the high pass filter in there I’m stealing more low end from it, so the amp isn’t really breaking up that much and I get a smoother tone. And that’s all I was using. It’s funny, I did the first clean guitar in the left channel, one pass, then on the second pass I did the right channel, then I went back on the left and put the gains up a little more, then I did guitar number 4, then I did a guitar for the middle, and I didn’t really change much, I was just playing around with the volume control and the high pass filter.

Peter: It’s such a lost art, I think people get so bogged down with all these effects and things, that you forget you have these controls on your guitar which do these amazing things.

Satriani: Yeah. I was playing through a prototype amp which an older style, with 6V6 tubes in it, so it’s a vintage style smaller head. Those things are basically Class A designs, and they really react to what’s coming to the input. In other words, what you’re sending into that input jack, which means, as you said, playing with the volume control really changes the nature of the amp, and you can get hundreds of tones just by playing with the volume control.

Here are the specs of the JSX 50.

Two independent channels, Clean and Crunch
2 x 6550 power amp tubes (can also use EL34)
5 x 12AX7 preamp tubes
Global Presence and Master Volume controls
Global Master Volume Boost with switch and level control
Six-way attack control on Crunch channel
Pre-gain Boost switch on Crunch channel
Built-in MSDI™ microphone-simulated direct XLR output
Line out with level control
Active effects loop with send and return level control
Rear-panel impedance selector (16, 8 or 4 ohms)
Tube bias adjustments on back panel
Four-button footswitch included
Made in the U.S.A.
U.S. MSRP $1499.99

The amp will be available in the third quarter of 2009.

Cheers to Jon from Guitar Noize for posting this video on Twitter.

NEWS: Parker Fly Mojo MIDI

This is interesting. Parker has launched the Fly Mojo MIDI guitar, which features a Roland GK-KIT-GT3 divided pickup kid so you can plug the axe into various synth-type gadgets.

It’s also interesting to note that this one has Seymour Duncan pickups, and that Parker chose to use the Roland pickup instead of the piezo elements in the saddles for the MIDI information. Perhaps doing it this way keeps costs and complexity down, which is good news for buyers as well as techs.

So what do you think about Parker guitars? One of the best guitars I’ve ever played was a Fly back in about 1998 or so  – I was told that that very guitar was later bought by guitarist Ben Fink of Aussie band The Whitlams, and every time I saw him use it live I got a little bit more jealous.
Here’s the press release:
Parker Guitars announced today the availability of the Fly Mojo MIDI Guitar to their stellar line of electric guitars. Designed for the professional player, the Fly Mojo MIDI combines cutting edge MIDI technology with the innovative breakthroughs pioneered by Parker Guitars.

The Fly Mojo MIDI Guitar features a Roland GK-KIT-GT3 Divided Pickup Kit, which allows for full integration with the Roland V-Guitar System, GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer or any BOSS GK- Effect Series Pedals. Utilizing plug and play connectivity, the Fly Mojo MIDI Guitar allows players to create a world of unique tones with the simplicity and quality that musicians have come to expect from Parker.

Along with the MIDI capability, the guitar features Seymour Duncan Jazz (N) and JB (B) pickups, Sperzel Trim-lok tuners and an exclusive Fishman Piezo electronics system. The Fly Mojo MIDI is constructed from a carbon glass epoxy fretboard fused to a single solid piece of Mahogany.

“The addition of the Fly Mojo MIDI Guitar to our Fly Series further strengthens our position as a leader in innovation within the guitar industry,” said Jody Dankberg, Director of Marketing and Artist Relations at Parker Guitars. “The Fly Mojo MIDI Guitar combines the MIDI innovations pioneered by Roland with the signature style and technology unique to our Fly line of guitars. Once again, Parker Guitars have set the industry-wide bar for simplicity and innovation.”

The Parker Fly Mojo MIDI Guitar Features:

MIDI Support utilizing the Roland GK-KT-GT3 Divided Pickup Kit
Seymour Duncan Jazz (N) and JB (B) pickups, Exclusive Fishman Electronics System
Solid one piece Mahogany body with a carbon glass epoxy fretboard
Sperzel Trim-lok tuners
Plug and Play integration with Roland V-Guitar System, GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer, or any BOSS GK- Effect Series Pedals
The Fly Mojo MIDI is currently available at Parker retailers. To locate a Parker retailer, please visit

For more information, visit their web site at

NEWS: Eastwood Breadwinner Tribute

Wow! I’ve heard rumours that Eastwood were hoping to reissue the Ovation Breadwinner, and it seems this is as close as they’re gonna get – the Breadwinner tribute guitar.

There are a few changes compared to the original Ovation classic (especially the headstock), but ya gotta hand it to Eastwood for making it happen. Electric Light Orchestra tribute bands, start your credit cards.
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Here’s the press release.

Eastwood Guitars debuted the new Breadwinner tribute guitar at NAMM 2009 last month to much praise and excitement. The distinctive shape and unmistakable look of this classic model is a showstopper. It brings back memories of the most diverse cast of players like no other guitar, including David Cassidy, Glen Campbell, Robert Smith, Colin Newman, Wally Bryson, Steve Marriot, Tom Morello and Ace Frehley. We can’t imagine that crowd has anything else in common other than the weird and wonderful Breadwinner.

The Breadwinner is available in white or black with white pickguard. The unique form fitting solid mahogany body and 24 ¾” scale maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and 1 11/16″ nut, make this guitar one of the world’s most ergonomic designs with unsurpassed comfort and balance. The cutaway shape allows full access to the 24th fret. This is the first Eastwood model to feature Active Mini Humbuckers with a 3-way and an active on/off switch. The Breadwinner comes with a traditional custom hardtail or an optional Strat style tremolo bridge. To protect this six string 70s dream-machine, Eastwood has created a custom fit deluxe hardshell case, which will be included with the first 48 guitars (so order today).

“The Breadwinner has been one of the most requested models that fans have wanted us to recreate”, stated Mike Robinson, President of Eastwood Guitars, “and from the response at the NAMM show, it will become a very popular model for Eastwood”.

The Eastwood Breadwinner tribute guitar is in stock now and is shipping worldwide.

For more information, visit their web site at