NEWS: Dave Mustaine cuts his hair!

In news sure to shake the metal world to its very core and cause small children to cling tearfully to their mothers, as their mothers cling frantically to the nearest traffic sign to steady themselves from collapsing in a heap, Dave Mustaine has posted on the official Megadeth forum that he has CUT OFF HIS HAIR.

Here’s an excerpt from the post. CLICK HERE to read the rest (you must be registered to see the forums though).

I have decided to get my hair cut in Scotland!

I guess there isn’t much to shaving your head, but I am afraid to get my haircut away from my regular stylist. However, I found a great shop in Glasgow. Right now, I imagine all of that hair sitting piled up on a strange floor in Scotland. If you live here in Glasgow, go check it out and ask for Derrick!

C-ya tomorrow (really since there is no bangs in my face anymore).

On the left is an artist’s impression of what Dave might look like with short hair. I for one applaud Dave’s new look and I’m sure he’ll do a great job replacing Leno on the Tonight Show from June 1.