NEWS: Gibson Les Paul Axcess Standard

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A couple of times over the last few days I’ve happened across photos of Gibson Les Pauls with Floyd Rose bridges (namely, Alex Lifeson in the current issue of Guitar Player, and a shot of one of Eddie Van Halen’s guitars from the 80s), and it’s got me thinking about the new Les Paul Axcess.

The Axcess was released in early December 2008 and it’s has a few playability enhancements compared to the Les Paul Standard, including a thinner body, special neck joint and ribcage contouring and, of couse, the Floyd Rose. There’s also a coil split accessed via a push-pull pot. Chuck a middle humbucker in there, Frampton-style, and I’d be in heaven.

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One Reply to “NEWS: Gibson Les Paul Axcess Standard”

  1. Make it w/o the Floyd also….maybe more will buy it, and lower that price!

    Now make the Floyd available on other guitars!
    IE: V, Expl, SG

    Damn, just hire me and I'll help ya out!


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