FEATURE: 8 Is Enough… for now – Production 8-string guitars

The 8 string electric guitar isn’t a totally new phenomenon – Meshuggah fans have been lusting after their own readily available version for years now – but since Ibanez made the brave move into the mass-produced world of the low F# string, other companies have stepped up with their own monstrous creations. Here are a few readily available production 8 strings. All feature EMG 808 active pickups, and all are tuned F#-B-E-A-D-G-B-E at the factory, but of course you’re free to come up with your own tunings. Personally, I’d probably drop the F# down to E. You’ve already gone down that far, why not get all the way down to bass territory? Then again, following that philosophy, I’d probably want a 9 string so I can go as low as a 5 string bass… Hehehe.

Ibanez RG2228
basswood body, 5-piece maple/wenge neck w/rosewood fretboard,
24 jumbo frets
27” Scale
Gotoh Tuners
Edge III-8 fixed bridge,
2x EMG 808 pickups

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Basswood Body, Maple Neck w/ Rosewood Fretboard
24 XJ Frets
25.5″ Scale
Grover Tuners
Hipshot Fixed Bridge
EMG 808 pickups

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Schecter Hellraiser C-8
Manhgay body, Mahogany Neck w/Rosewood Fretboard
26.5” Scale
Schecter Locking Tuners
Hipshot Fixed Bridge
EMG 808 Pickups

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I recently started following the updates of Bullet Cables on Twitter, and this morning I checked out their website. I’ve seen a few of their cords in guitar magazines, and I know Paul Gilbert’s a fan, but check out some of these cool products.

And of course there are these awesome coil cables. I still have my ancient curly cord from when I started playing electric guitar at age 12, and I have a curly cord of a different brand, but I’m seriously tempted by these. They seem very tough, and if they’re good enough for Gilbert, they’re more than good enough for me!

A modern improvement on the classic “telephone cord cables” loved by rock legends, Bullet Cable Coil Cables feature oversized kink-free coils and polyethylene-potted .44 mag bullet connectors that won’t pull loose during active sessions. With advanced audio technology that includes 99.99% oxygen-free copper conductors and spiral shielding in a coaxial design for clear tone, and corrosion-resistant 24K gold-plated connector tips to preserve signal strength, Coil Cables display excellent bass weight, hit hard in the mids, and caress high notes.

Custom-voiced for basses and guitars. Can be used with keyboards.