NEWS: Parker Adrian Belew Signature Fly

This has already been posted about on a few blogs, so I’m not pretending it’s a scoop or anything, but I feel like writing about it for the sake of completeness (the first place I saw it was at though), so I don’t get people emailing me saying “Petie, ya dumb-ass, how come you didn’t cover the Adrian Belew Parker? You’re a Bowie/Zappa/NIN geek, I thought you’d be all over this?”

The long-awaited Parker Adrian Belew signature model is finally available, and while I haven’t played one, even just looking at the specs I feel I can honestly say without hyperbole that this guitar is the greatest thing humankind has ever achieved.

Ok, maybe a little hyperbole.

Of course, a guitar this pimped out isn’t cheap. It’s $9,599 USD. If that hasn’t scared you off, you can buy one from Guitar Center by clicking here.

Here’s the press release. I’ve bolded the bits that blow my mind.

Parker Guitars announced today the addition of the Adrian Belew Signature Fly to their line of electric guitars. Designed from the ground up to the exacting standards of legendary guitarist Adrian Belew, the Adrian Belew Signature Fly is one of the most advanced and innovative guitars ever built.

The Adrian Belew Signature Fly features an exclusive Dimarzio bridge pickup along with a revolutionary Sustainiac Stealth PRO neck pickup which produces intense, predictable and infinite feedback sustain. With the Sustainiac, musicians can create amazing tones, from screaming feedback at any volume to upper harmonics using the unique harmonic mode control. Onboard Line 6 Variax Modeling Components allow guitarists to select from 25 preset sounds including classic acoustic and electric tones.

For even more versatility, the Adrian Belew Signature Fly features computer connectivity that allows artists to customize and create their own tones and custom tunings. Sound equalization is provided by six separate sensors within the RMC bridge saddle, which allows each string’s volume to be processed separately, giving the player unsurpassable tonal control.

“From his early work with Frank Zappa, David Bowie and King Crimson to working with Talking Heads and Nine Inch Nails, Adrian Belew has always been a pioneer who pushes the limits on what is possible with the electric guitar,” said Jody Dankberg, Director of Marketing and Artist Relations at Parker Guitars. “The Adrian Belew Signature Fly combines the easy playability and perfect fretboard of Parker Guitars with ‘out of this world,’ cutting-edge components to offer the most technologically advanced electric guitar available today.”

Exclusive Dimarzio bridge pickup
Revolutionary Sustainiac Stealth PRO neck pickup
Onboard Line 6 Variax Modeling Components with 25 instrument models
Computer connectivity
MIDI capable
13 pin out
RMC Pow’r Bridge ‘PF” Saddles and RMC Poly
Drive 1 Preamp
Sperzel Trim lock Tuners

The Adrian Belew Signature fly is currently available at Parker retailers. To locate a parker retailer, please visit

CLICK HERE to buy the Parker Adrian Belew Signature Fly Electric Guitar (Tangerine) from Guitar Center for $9,599.

COOL ACCESSORY ALERT: Seymour Duncan Triple Shot

How’s this for a cool idea? The Seymour Duncan Triple Shot is a replacement pickup ring which includes two switches built right in, so you can switch to different settings without even moving your picking hand away from the strings.

According to the Seymour Duncan website:

This “stealth” pickup switching device allows you to access series, parallel and split wirings with a standard humbucker. And it’s easy to install. Just solder your pickup leads to a small color-coded circuit board. That’s it. Push the two switches towards each other for standard series wiring; away from each other for parallel wiring; and both towards one coil (either one) to shut that coil off.

The ‘triple’ in the title refers to the additional 3 settings (front coil only, back coil only, and both coils in parallel) aside from the standard series mode.

The Triple Shot will work with any humbucker that has 4-conductor wiring – just make sure you accurately translate the colour codes, because different companies use different wire colours. Here’s a site where you can check the codes.

The Triple Shot doesn’t appear to be available yet, but bookmark this eBay search and check it every now and then to see when it starts appearing in eBay stores.

And CLICK HERE to see Seymour Duncan pickups on eBay.

LESSON: How to do Satch-style harmonic squeals

Ok, go easy on me cos I’m new to this whole ‘talking to camera’ thing (I used to do radio and it’s so much easier when nobody can see you!), but here’s my first attempt at a video lesson, on how to do Satch-style pinch harmonic whammy bar squeals. I hope it makes sense in the video – I’m kinda learning as I go along here, in terms of not having a student in the room to get feedback from.

I’ve already shot a follow-up lesson but I haven’t edited it yet. I’ll put it online next week.

For more how-to videos see I Heart Guitar site sponsor WonderHowTo.