Check it out! I recently picked this up when a friend asked me to do a little repair on it before selling it on eBay. After about 20 seconds of playing the bass I determined two things:

1) it was just a simple grounding problem, and 
2) I wanted it!
So I looked up the average used price online and made an offer. Then Mrs I Heart Guitar offered to make it a combined anniversary/late Valentine’s Day present, once again cementing the fact that I’m the luckiest dude alive.

The bass is made in Japan and apart from the headstock it seems like quite an accurate Jazz Bass copy. There’s something about this bass that is very playable, and it has that great warm, round sound that got me addicted to Jazz Basses when I first heard John Paul Jones. I’d still love to get a G&L L-2500 5-string some day, and the review I posted on that model the other day was a reflection of my G&L G.A.S attack, but this Jazz Bass sounds perfect for a lot of the stuff I’m working on right now.

CLICK HERE to see Fernandes Jazz Basses on eBay.