NEWS: 2 full Chickenfoot songs!

Quick!!!! Two full Chickenfoot songs! Rockin’! Loud! Funky! Satchy! Chunky! Rocksome! Go! Listen! Come back here and tell me what ya think!

Personally I like it. Kinda reminds me of some of Sammy’s rockier solo stuff, but with Satch wailin’ away and some cool solid Mike Anthony bass playing. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

According to Blabbermouth, CHICKENFOOT, the “supergroup” featuring members of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and VAN HALEN, played a private concert on March 18, 2009 in Southern California for employees of Best Buy. 

CHICKENFOOT will release its self-titled debut disc this spring. The first single from the CD will either be “Oh, Yeah!” or “Bitten By The Wolf”. The band will also hit the road in May in support of the album, hitting clubs in the U.S. first, heading to Europe during the summer, then coming back for a larger North American run in the fall.

The group plans to perform songs from each of its members’ careers in addition to tracks from the CHICKENFOOT album, so fans will get to hear songs from VAN HALEN, the CHILI PEPPERS, Satriani, and Hagar’s solo catalog.

CHICKENFOOT will appear on the cover of the June issue of Guitar World, due out on April 7.

3 Replies to “NEWS: 2 full Chickenfoot songs!”

  1. That’s cool that they are in Guitar World, will watch out for that issue! I hope we get to hear some Michael Anthony backing vocals?

  2. I liked the music, not a big fan of Andy Johns mixing outside of zep 2 and 3, Johns get an F just like the F he received for the extremist and the F for unlawful carnal knowledge. they should have brought in the guy from Zep 1. I was a little disappointed because to me (and based on what I have read) a lot of time wasnt put into it. sammys lyrics sound like they are the first thing that popped into his head(so easy a caveman could do it) unrefined. Satches playing sounds a bit mechanical and restrained, finally popped his “Im in a band cherry” . I just wished these guy had spent more time together and really refined the work more. That said I would buy it as a curiosity and I think the live show would be awsome.

    I really hate to say negative things about this band because Im a hug satch fan and although sammy tends to get embarassingly CORNBALL at times I like him too.

    as far as zeppelin comparison..
    ROFL these guys need to tuck in their egos.. satrianis tone is sooooo overprocessed and comnpressed he’s couldnt achieve the real tube screaming of good times bad times if his life depended on it. and bonham…wailed every chord change into fruition.. smith stumbles on changes…this just sounds like a quickie jam session joint by a bunch of self serving millionaires to me.
    kind of like when rocky lost the eye of the tiger.. lol

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