NEWS: AXL offers Badwater hardware kit

I’ve long been a vocal supporter of AXL guitars – after I reviewed a few Badwater models for Mixdown magazine I fell in love with their tone and ‘make you fight for it just enough’ playability, not to mention those cool weathered finishes.

Now the distinctive weathered hardware of the Badwater series is being made available separately, for those who want to add some rusted-ass, beaten-down vibe to their favourite Strat-based axe. Here’s the press release:

Capitalizing on the successful and critically acclaimed Badwater series of guitars, AXL presents the Badwater Hardware Kit for players who want to individualize any guitar.

The Badwater guitar line features incredible antiqued finishes and hardware that Guitar World labeled “anything but run of the mill, and a first for the budget-guitar market.” The Badwater Hardware kit helps any guitar achieve the same kind of road-worn look and feel without an expensive “relic-ing” process.

The Badwater Hardware Kit (PG-820) comes with a carefully aged pickguard cut for 3 single-coil pickups, two tone knobs and one volume knob, a selector switch tip, output jack plate, bridge assembly and tremolo arm, six tuning machines, and a set of strap buttons and mounting screws. Each plastic component has been antiqued and every metal piece has been anodized for a unique look and vintage feel. The Badwater Hardware Kit has a list price of $49.99, and is designed to fit most 3-pickup guitar designs.

Badwater hardware comes standard on AXL Badwater Series guitars, including the V-styled Jacknife. AXL Guitars is also the builder of the Mayhem, Bloodsport and Marquee Series of electric guitars and basses.

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