NEWS: News for March 12, 2009

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Australia’s Rock Out Festival postponed
Australia’s Rock Out festival has been postponed until around September or October after promoters MTD4 and Blade Promotions held talks with the venues and major stakeholders, including the international artists.

The Rock Out festival was supposed to include performances by the following artists, among others:

Twisted Sister
Rose Tattoo
Diamond Head
Crimson Fire
Scarlet Sins
The Radiators
Mortal Sin
Vanishing Point
Double Dragon
The Amenta

I think the postponement’s a great idea because the planned dates were in April and I only heard about this a few weeks ago – certainly not much time to build up a buzz, sell all the tickets, and allow concertgoers to sort out schedules if they’re travelling from interstate.

Source: Blabbermouth.
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Interview with Queensryche’s Michael Wilton
Steve Black of the “Chop Shop” syndicated guitar show recently conducted an interview with guitarist Michael Wilton of QUEENSRŸCHE. Listen to the three-minute chat below.

Man, I can’t wait for this album. I guess I’m one of those guys who likes everything Queensryche has done, from the metal stuff to the rockier things, and also Geoff Tate’s somewhat Bowie-like solo album.

Source: Blabbermouth.
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Steve Vai to remaster Flex-Able
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of his debut solo album, Flex-Able, Steve Vai will release a special remastered version, including Flex-Able Leftovers in its original form, and special deluxe packaging. While I think this is cool, I’d kinda rather see him release a new original studio album. Ya with me?

Source: Guitar World.
More info: May 2009 issue.

RIP David Williams
Guitarist David Williams, whose recording and touring credits include Michael Jackson, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Marvin Gaye and The Temptations among countless others, died last Friday at age 58.

Source: Music Radar.
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New iPod Shuffle
The new iPod Shuffle appears to be about the size of a pinkie finger. It has no buttons or screen, and is instead controlled by buttons on the headphone cord. Cool.

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