NEWS: More Chickenfoot music!

I know there’s been a lot of hype about Chickenfoot, but man, I’m diggin’ this stuff. It may not be the greatest album of all time (I believe that title goes to Mike Keneally’s Sluggo!) but as a slice of groovy rock it’s got a lot going for it. Check out the song ‘Oh Yeah’ here, along with the previously released ‘Down The Drain’ and ‘Soap On A Rope.’

The self-titled CD will be made available by earMUSIC in Germany on Friday, June 5 and in the U.K. on Monday. June 8. The album will be released by Best Buy in the U.S. on Sunday, June 7.

Chickenfoot track listing:

01. Avenida Revolution
02. Soap on a Rope
03. Sexy Little Thing
04. Oh Yeah
05. Runnin’ Out
06. Get It Up
07. Down the Drain
08. My Kinda Girl
09. Learning to Fall
10. Turnin’ Left
11. Future in the Past