NEWS: Steel Panther’s ‘Death To All But Metal’ video

Anyone who’s spent more than a passing moment on Metal Sludge is no doubt aware of the great Steel Panther. Well they’ve finally filmed a video for their awesome track ‘Death To All But Metal.’ This track was featured on the Metal Sludge compilation CD ‘Hey – That’s What I Call Sludge’ back when Steel Panther were known as Metal Skool (actually they’re credited as the Metal Sludge All-Stars on the CD but I digress …)

Fun fact! Steel Panther features guitarist Russ Parrish, who was in Fight with Rob Halford, and Paul Gilbert’s cover band Electric Fence.

Oh, if you’re offended by naughty language or are at work, um… you might wanna skip this.

Look for a cameo from Sarah Silverman too.