NEWS: John Mayer’s prototype relic-relic Fender Strat

If you’re not into the whole relicing thing, you might wanna skip this story and read something else. Might I suggest this?

Check out this Fender prototype of the new John Mayer relic Stratocaster, which is based on – get this – John’s Fender Custom Shop Relic ’61 Strat. Yeah, it’s not vintage like a lot of people naturally assume. So this is a relic of a relic.

John posted this photo today on Twitter, not long after posting “Meeting with Fender and incase to look at prototypes of the new “Black 1” guitar and case.”

That’s the original on the bottom, and the copy on top.

Of course this isn’t the first signature Strat Fender has made for John Mayer. When I worked at World of Music in Brighton East here in Melbourne, I had the opportunity to play a several production model John Mayer Stratocasters and one of them in particular was probably the nicest non-Custom Shop Strat I’ve ever played.

If you can’t wait for the Relic, here are a couple of standard Fender John Mayer Stratocasters available from Music123:

Fender Artist Series John Mayer Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White

Fender Artist Series John Mayer Stratocaster Electric Guitar 3-Tone Sunburst

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12 Replies to “NEWS: John Mayer’s prototype relic-relic Fender Strat”

  1. A reklic of a relic, even if the guitar is good, too me it says “cash grab,” all over it.

  2. Wow a relic of a relic is really pushing it. I thought I read that this was an SRV model that he modified, he must have one of those too. He’s a relic fiend!

  3. Exactly, it’s like Jon says. I respect his musicicianship but he’s “pushing” it for sure. I’m not too into relics in the first place but this is rediculous.

    It’s way worse than a signature artist guitar of a signature artist guitar, like all the Les Paul sigs are.

  4. I was pretty surprised to find out it wasn’t a vintage guitar. Oh well, either way I’m sure it’ll rock if it’s anything like the standard John Mayer Strat. But the ‘relic of a relic’ thing might complicate matters for Fender’s PR department.

  5. to me buying a beat-up looking guitar if like buying already torn jeans,you pay more for something you could do yourself just as well if not better

  6. I think it’s cool :-)

    “relic of a relic”… yes and no, it’s a Custom Shop 61 reissue that was reliced.

  7. Its a chance to live an era you missed . I enjoy the kids nowadays who do the hippie thing . Car guys have covered every era of hottrodding and bike guys have been doing old school like crazy . The guitar guys are now just getting onto it ,its about time !!!!

  8. wow!i saw him use this guitar at the jackson memorial.R.I.P. Michael,we will truly miss you :(

  9. I think a lot of people have become very interested in this guitar after Mayer's MJ performance. Visits to this particular story have gone up a lot. Did you guys ever hear Mayer's guitar solo on Fallout Boy's cover of 'Beat It'?

  10. It's not a relic of a relic. It's a strat built by the same guy in the same style as the one he built for John. you can't build a relic of a relic. Same thing as the road worn guitars they are just worn in the same places.

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