NEWS: New Mr. Big Video – Next Time Around

Hell yeah! Check it out! Here’s the new Mr. Big song, ‘Next Time Around. Wadda you think?

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7 Replies to “NEWS: New Mr. Big Video – Next Time Around”

  1. Wow.. Eric looks younger than ever..

    The song seems ok, pretty pop-ish, but I guess MR Big was always abit pop.

  2. Yeah, I always forget how poppy they are until I go through my annual Mr Big phase. Sounds great though – some nice Billy/Paul shreddage to balance out the niceness.

  3. Why is it Billy always puts bloody tapping in a song!? Hey has Paul switched to Marshall? I thought he endorsed Laney?

  4. Paul’s been using Marshall Vintage Moderns since Silence Fillowed By A Deafening Roar. He said he became dissatisfied with the Laneys when he was on the G3 tour. He started to notice they just didn’t sound full enough comapred to Satch and Petrucci’s rigs. He bought his first Vintage Modern combo online and later talked with Marshall about an endorsement.

  5. Sorry, it reminds me of the bad poppy rock I used to like as a teenager, albeit with extremely talented musicians.

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