NEWS: Parker Vernon Reid Dragon Fly

If you’re following Living Colour’s Vernon Reid on Twitter you have probably already seen this. If not, here’s prototype #1 of the Parker Vernon Reid Dragon Fly.

A few points of particular interest:

* New body shape

* Floyd Rose bridge, instead of Parker’s usual model

* Synth pickup

* New headstock shape

Looks like it’s shaping up to be a very versatile and innovative guitar. Can’t wait for further updates!

4 Replies to “NEWS: Parker Vernon Reid Dragon Fly”

  1. I like the old shape better. It was a statement, this one is just in between standard and the old shape. Dare to be diferent!

  2. Having midi, floyd, peizo, EMG HSS pickups, and the other accoutrement we almost expect from parker over other companies, isn't 'Daring to be different' now?

    Name me ONE guitar that has all of the features this one does as standard. I guarantee you'll be practically stuck on just finding one with SS frets, let alone the other crap.

  3. I think it looks pretty bad ass. I wonder if he used this guitar exclusively on the new living colour record. I really liked how his hamers sounded. Then on the vivid album he used esp's so vernon has tried to push the envelope not just on playing but on equipment.

  4. I feel any piece of equipment that helps the artist create,and open new doors is a beautiful thing.

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