So I was just down at Allans Music on Bourke St here in Melbourne and I noticed in the window this beauty: A new Ibanez PGM100RE, the first of two Paul Gilbert models reissued by Ibanez this year (the other being the not-too-long-ago-discontinued PGM300). The pink of the painted F holes is a little lighter than the original, but these are such stunning guitars that while I was looking at it, a grandma who looked like she had no interest whatsover in the guitaristic pursuits strolled over to admire it. One of the things I dig about this model is that it’s very similar in overall design and colour to my beloved RG370, which I wrote about on the Jemsite blog.

One thing I don’t like though is the price tag – AUD$5,495. With an exchange rate of 1 AUD = 0.80 USD at the time of writing, that puts this axe at US$4,400. OUCH. Granted, the chaps at Allans would probably be open to a little friendly haggling if you asked nicely, but still, the US list price is $US2,665, which would put the street price at… well, I don’t know, but a lot less than five and a half grand AUD.

Then again, these are pretty hard to find in Australia and there are a lot of factors involved in setting the price here, so it’s simply not practical to convert the US list price into Australian dollars and expect that to be the local price. So before any Aussies decide to buy a PGM100RE from overseas instead, I’d like to urge them to support the local industry and buy locally – otherwise we’ll see less and less of these cool reissues and limited editions on the racks of our local stores. I’ve had a lot of great dealings with Australian Ibanez importer Australis over the years (they went absolutely above and beyond the call of duty in helping me get my hands on a Jem7VWH – thanks Scott!) and I’m sure they’re keeping the price as low as can reasonably be expected. Plus they brought Paul Gilbert down here on a clinic tour last year which gives them extra awesome-points in my book.

If you’re reading this and you happen to run an Australian guitar store that has the PGM100RE in stock, email me at and I’ll update this post with a list of stores where Aussies can find these awesome axes.

More info on the PGM100 here.